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About us

Welcome to Glen Seeds, South Africa’s number one Heirloom & Speciality Vegetable seed company.

At Glen Seeds we are all for seed diversity, which leads to sustainability and thereby making our contribution to world peace, however our number one commitment is to YOU.

We are all about YOU impressing with growing delicious and unusual vegetables from our selected heirloom and speciality vegetable seeds. Grow it first of all for yourself, because true happiness starts from within, then your friends, family, neighbours and perhaps the in-laws???

In an increasingly commercialised world where conformity and standardisation has perhaps gone a bit far, Glen Seeds bucks the trend by producing and supplying a diverse range of gourmet vegetable seeds that cannot be beaten on taste, looks and fun.


Our promise to you

We will only sell you vegetable seed that looks good, taste great and is easy to grow. Just another reason why we are all about YOU.


Supply Channels

Glen Seeds has been a long time supplier to the retail sector.

With hundreds of types of amazing heirloom and speciality seeds to choose from, retailers does not always have space to stock the amazing variety we offer South African gardeners and it is sometimes difficult to  reach every retailer in every corner of the country.

Increasingly Gardeners have asked us to open an online shop in order to have access to our huge range, we listened and are very pleased to offer you, our valued clients an online experience with no equal.


Thank you!

To all our gardening friends, Thank You. We are here to help you love life. We can only exist with your continued support and the positive encouragement and feedback we receive on a daily basis.