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7 Pot Evergreen Chili

7 Pot Evergreen Chili

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Productive, unusual and pretty is the best way to describe the 7 Pot Evergreen Chilli plant from Glen Seeds. .7 Pot Evergreen starts off a pale/lime green and ripen to a dark green which can get a slight yellowish tint especially in the fruits deep grooves if left to over ripen. Chillies that stay green is quite unusual, combine that with a really pleasing shape that is very similar to an oversized scotch bonnet and you have a sure super hot winner.


7 Pot evergreen ticks all the right boxes, they grow easily, produce early and abundantly. This is definitely one of our favourite super hot chili plants at Glen Seeds. We observed that slugs, for whatever reason, favour the fruits of the 7 Pot Evergreen Pepper as well. Luckily the plants are so productive that that there is plenty to share in case you suddenly have an uncontrolled slug infestation.


Approximately 10 Seeds

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