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Massive remake of Glen Seeds Online Presence


After serving the South African retail market for many years, which we are continuing to do, Glen Seeds has expanded its online presence significantly.

Over the years our range of vegetable and other seeds has grown to a point where no retailer has space for the hundreds of different heirloom and specialty seeds we have to offer and it is just impossible to reach every corner of every part of South African gardening stores.

After many request from our clients we are very proud to announce that you can now get the entire Heirloom and Specialty seed range of Glen Seeds through our online shop.

We have also revamped our website significantly with all sorts of information relevant to the South African Gardener. Our social media presence has in the process been expanded and you can now connect with us via

As with all major new revamps, we might experience a glitch or two, please bear with us and be assured that we are working constantly behind the scenes to improve your experience.

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Glen Seeds

  • Ronnie on

    Would like to know how to contact you to place order for garlic clove and what you have in stock

  • Dolly on

    Goodmorning, please can you send me your list of winter veg seeds and your list of summer veg. Please add prices of okra seeds and brinjal / eggplant seeds. I git this from our Cornwall hill group chat, please help, thank you.

  • Alan Kimber on

    Wow, I have just discovered your website and am so excited by what I see. Longing for the next season to come around. You’ve made my day and I’ll spend the rest of “Lockdown” planning.

  • EsDndrNMPwi on


  • caypISBJL on


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