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Amaranth: Aurora Tri Colour

Amaranth: Aurora Tri Colour

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Green and Yellow variegated foliage that from a distance looks a bit like an oversized yellow Poinsettia makes Aurora Tri Colour Amaranth a stand out in any garden. The multicolour leaves looks stunning in salads.


Plants grow of medium height 70cm to 1m.


Amaranth is not just pretty in the garden as a flower, the plants are edible. Young leaves can be cooked and eaten like spinach, used raw in salads and the seeds can be used as one of the healthiest grains on the planet.


Amaranth do not tolerate frost and are best suited for summer planting. Plants are annual, very tolerant of heat and does well even in very poor soil.


Although the seeds are rather fine, they germinate easily and are robust growers, especially after the seedling stage. Space plants of Aurora Tri Colour Amaranth 70cm apart



Approximately 200 seeds.

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