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Purple Podded Peas

Purple Podded Peas

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Originating from a Monastery, purple podded peas has heavenly looks and divine taste! At Glen Seeds, whenever we see anything that was developed in a monastery we get it, and produce seeds from it. Our reasoning is this: You can be sure that monks, with few pleasures in life will make sure their veggies taste great!

Purple Podded peas are stunning and highly ornamental when they grow. The flowers are purple and the pods a very dark purple. Peas are pale green and the taste? Well its just superb. Our clients regularly tell us how the peas gets picked and eaten fresh in their gardens and never make it to the kitchen table. The taste is very intense pea. In our opinion this old heirloom is by far the best when you make pea soup.

Plants are compact veining types so give them a trellis of some sorts to grow up to, since peas are normally gown during winter you can let them trail up shrubs that loose their leaves during winter.


Approximately 25 seeds

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