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Pak Choi

Pak Choi

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Pak Choi goes by a couple of names such as Bok Choi, Chinese Cabbage and different variations in spelling. It does not matter what you call this quick growing versatile vegetable, what more important is to make this a part of your veggie garden.

Pak Choi is widely used in stir fries, soups and side dishes.

Growth is very quick, and you can expect yields within less than 30 days, Pak Choi works well in containers. Pak Choi can be sown direct or in seed beds/trays. Thin out or space seedlings to approximately 20cm apart.

Should your Pak Choi bolt you can eat the delicious flowers as is it’s a real delicacy or mix them up in salads.

Pak Choi is regarded as a low energy density food packed with fibre and considered a fantastic addition for people on diet.

Approximately 100 Seeds

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