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Marigold: Large Mixed

Marigold: Large Mixed

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Hardy and easy to grow Marigolds, a must have in any garden.Our large colour mix makes a pretty display from near or far.  Colours range from dark orange to lemon yellow.


Marigolds are regarded as companion plants especially in vegetable gardens due to their insect repellent nature. Did you know: Marigolds make great fodder for chickens?  Yes chickens love them and will devour the plants flowers and all! So if you keep backyard chickens, plant a treat for them with Marigolds.


Marigolds do not tolerate frost and are best suited for summer planting. Plants are annual, very tolerant of heat and does well even in relatively poor soil. Start off marigolds in seedbeds and space large Marigold varieties 30 to 40 cm apart  after transplant when plants are about 5 cm high.


Approximately 200 seeds.

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