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Maestro Improved Peas

Maestro Improved Peas

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Need peas in a hurry? Then Maestro Improved is for you. This super sweet tender and tasty pea yields very fast at around 60 days after germination and they keep on producing for a couple of weeks as long as you keep on picking. Generally peas need a long growing season and for best results you need to plant them late summer/early Autumn, however with Maestro Improved peas you can plant early or late in winter up to spring and will still get a good harvest.

Maestro Improved garden pea  is not as productive as other peas but due to its quick yielding potential and the fact that you can plant them over an extended period during the cooler parts of the year makes this a must have addition to your vegetable garden. Bushes are small with little foliage which almost leaves the impression that the plants are not doing much. Don’t be fooled by this!, Before you know it you will have a respectable yield of very sweet and tender peas.


Approximately  25  seeds


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