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Green Tomatillo

Green Tomatillo

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Make real Mexican salsa, Ole! Tomatillo’s are extremely versatile fruits that can be used to make jams, chutney’s, used fresh in fruit salads, snacking or use as base together with jalapeno peppers in authentic Mexican salsa.


Also known as the husk tomato, it is however not a tomato. In a botanical sense tomatillo’s are family of the tomato, but then,  so are Potatoes and Egg Plant. It’s closer to the gooseberry (which is also family of the tomato), and has a distinct hint of gooseberry flavour to it when fully ripe, however not as sweet.


The fruits are much larger than that of a gooseberry and the plants are extremely easy to grow and produce in abundance. You can use the fruits at any time after the husks are filled out, however for best taste and results wait until the husks turn brown, this is when they have reached proper maturity.



25 seeds

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