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Dwarf Blazing Beauty Tomato

Dwarf Blazing Beauty Tomato

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Dwarf Blazing Beauty tomato is everything the name say. Mainly intense yellow with some red striking red stripes throughout, very fruity taste as can be expected from most multi colour tomatoes.

Plants are compact with dense leaves and grows to heights between 60cm and 1.5 meter producing medium to large sized fruits on very thick and sturdy vines  that mostly don’t need staking. Dwarf tomatoes are ideal for container gardening.

Dwarf tomatoes are open pollinated varieties specifically bred for smaller spaces however still producing large tomatoes. Dwarf Tomatoes has been developed between keen gardeners from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. In order to stabilise new varieties in a remarkably short space of time, seeds were sent between gardeners all over the world to ensure an ‘endless summer’ thereby growing out plants a few times per year!

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Condition of Sale: Any person purchasing or given dwarf tomato and/or making available seeds , plants or plant material will not use the seeds or plants or material  in any program of hybridisation or genetic modification or similar.


Approximately 25 seeds

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