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Pumpkins and Squash

Yuxijiangbinggua Squash

So what do we have here? The most productive pumpkin on earth with a name we cannot pronounce or translate but who cares? There is no debate that Yuxijiangbinggua squash s a lovely pumpkin to grow.

We achieved up to 32 medium sized delicious and highly ribbed ornamental  pumpkins per plant. Never in our wildest dreams we thought that is possible, but yes at Glen Seeds you will always get a pleasant surprise.

Flesh is sweet with very good flavour.  Plants need space, the vines will grow all over if you allow it. Yuxijiangbinggua squash  does very well on a sturdy trellis. Good solid shelf live that will store for months.


Approximately  10  seeds


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