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Turmeric Fingers
Our turmeric, after years of selection, has proven to do well even in cooler conditions such as the highveld. Grow your own healthy organic turmeric for flavouring a wide range of dishes. Every now and again turmeric plants produce the most beautiful flowers that looks similar to a hyacinth flower.

Turmeric does well in pots if space is limited. Plant turmeric in Spring and harvest roots as soon as the leaves started to die back during winter. Have patience with initial sprouting, they have a tendency to stay under ground cozy until summer starts, keep moist but not soggy. Turmeric prefer loose sandy soil which is enriched with compost. A potassium and calcium rich addition such as bone meal t your soil will go a long way. When turmeric is left in the ground for a second season the crowns and fingers gets extra large. You can propagate turmeric for yourself by breaking off fingers and crowns for re-planting.

6 Turmeric Fingers per pack

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