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Tobacco Golden Virginia Cigarette

Tobacco Golden Virginia Cigarette

R 24.00

KINDLY NOTE: Currently we limit tobacco seed to 10 packs per type per customer due to the high demand. Strongly consider growing more than one type, especially our pipe tobacco since these are the easiest to cure for the home grower.

Our standard countrywide delivery fee of R75 is largely a subsidized delivery cost due to the fact that the average courier delivery costs us more than R75, this is all fine normally since most orders are for 17 packs of seeds or more from our extensive collection of seed types and our subsidizing of the delivery fee makes business sense. We have however due to the fact that many tobacco orders are for one or two packs started to loose  money on  orders which we unfortunately cannot carry anymore, in light of this as well as the fact that our tobacco seed is running low, the following terms apply to orders with tobacco seed in the order:

  1. We Limit tobacco seeds to 10 packs per order per type, so if you buy all three types you can buy up to 30 packs
  2. The total order must be for 12 packs of seed (We have a great selection, you don’t have to just buy Tobacco seed)
  3. We will only allow exceptions to above for our regular clients
  4. If you place an order that does not comply with above we reserve the right to reverse the transaction.

We trust you will understand above and enjoy your gardening. Lots of Love, The Glen Seeds Team.



Golden Virginia tobacco grows in to 2 meter high plants with large leaves. Tobacco plants are really ornamental. Grow tobacco for tobacco use or to make organic pest control mixtures. Remember if you store tobacco mixtures mark bottles as poisonous.

Golden Virginia tobacco is a cigarette type of tobacco and we advise home growers to also grow type tobacco at the same time since pipe tobacco is easier to cure. 


Tobacco seeds are very fine and must be germinated and grown initially in seed trays by covering lightly and keeping moist. Germination can take up to 21 days. Initially the plants start of very small, however with the correct care they very quickly grow into very large strong plants.

 We have a great germination mix for our tobacco seed, click here to read more on this 





Approximately 100 seeds



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