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Striped Amos Tomato

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Not a heirloom just yet but we believe Striped Amos will become a favourite amongst gardeners.


Once in a blue moon a cross between two varieties become stable. At Glen Seeds this happened with an accidental cross between Amos Coli  tomato and, we guess,  Banana Legs or Cassidy’s Folly tomato which gave a really pretty result with a surprisingly sweet  and acidic taste.


Fruits are pear / paste tomato shaped, predominantly red with fine yellow zig zag striping. Few seeds, very fleshy and sweet as expected from a paste tomato and an acidity not known of in paste tomatoes.


This strain might not be stable just yet. At Glen Seeds we have grown it for 5 seasons and are quite pleased with the result and decided since it is such a unique and tasty tomato, we should rather release it to the market sooner than later.


Approximately 25 seeds

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