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Roselle: Thai Red

Roselle: Thai Red

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Thai Red Roselle from Glen Seeds is a versatile ornamental, which works well in flower beds and the seed pods (also called calyxes) can be used to make delicious bright red beverages, fruit tea,  jelly and jam.

Being family of Hibiscus, flowers are a beautiful pinkish cream colour  with a dark maroon center. The stems of Thai Red Roselle is of a shiny dark maroon colour. After flowers died down the seedpods form and these are used fresh or dried for a variety of culinary uses.




Thai Red Roselle do not tolerate frost and are best suited for summer planting. Plants are annual, very tolerant of heat and does well in humid conditions in rich well drained soil.


Soak seeds of Thai Red Roselle in water overnight before planting, which helps with germination rates and speed. Its best to start off Thai Red Roselle in small pots and transplant seedlings when they are 7 to 10 cm’s tall. Space seedlings 75cm to 1 meter apart.


Approximately 25 seeds.

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