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Persian White Garlic

Persian White Garlic

R 30.00

Planting season 2024, kindly note:

All our soft neck varieties, Egyptian White & Pink, Ashok White & Pink as well as Persian White has very small cloves this year. For some inexplicable reason our growing season for these has not been optimal, yet alone all the hard neck types did splendid. This in itself does not impact the quality of the bulbs you can expect. Even though the planting cloves are small, they all come from stock we carefully selected for more than 10 years. We will however add a few extra cloves in the packs on all the soft neck varieties for you to grow more.


We found this variety growing in the backyard of an oriental carpet trader whom brought it to South Africa from his native Iran many years back. Garlic originated in the middle east and in our view the Persian’s perfected it!  Persian White garlic has done extremely well in our fields at Glen Seeds and we are very happy to make this outstanding strong flavoured variety available to gardeners all across South Africa. If stored properly you will have a constant years supply until your next harvest, that’s how long they last!

Plants are robust and bulbs are smaller with normal sized cloves. Soft neck variety. 


Approximately 12 cloves

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