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Nasturtium:  Variegated

Nasturtium: Variegated

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Exceptionally pretty leaves with lots of bright yellow flowers on the Variegated Nasturtium.  Our Variegated Nasturtiums are bush like and of medium size. The foliage is a stand out in any garden and particularly pretty in salads.


Nasturtiums are planted by many vegetable gardeners as aphid trap plants close to vegetables that are susceptible to aphids.


Apart from being pretty in the garden nasturtiums have a number of uses, the entire plant is edible and very high in vitamin C. Flowers and leaves can be used in salads for added zing and aesthetics, or eaten as is for a Vit C boost. Seeds can be used in making tartar sauce.  At Glen Seeds we feed our chickens Nasturtium plants, they go crazy for this healthy snack!


Nasturtiums can handle a little bit of light frost and cold and although they are considered an annual that is best suited for summer, plants in protected spots can sometimes grow and flower for an entire year and even a bit more where conditions are optimal. Nasturtiums can grow in half shade but for best flowering results full sun is recommended. Space Medium varieties like the Glen Seeds variegated bush variety 40 to 50 cm apart in rich well composted soil. The plants make large bushes and are not a creeping type. Plant nasturtium seeds direct, they are not particularly fond of transplanting.


Approximately 12 seeds.

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