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Ianto Fava Bean

Ianto Fava Bean

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Unique in growth habit and ease when cooking. Ianto Fava or Broad Bean grows quite high. Plants are claimed to grow up to six feet tall, however we have never achieved these kind of plant heights with Ianto Fava’s at Glen Seed. We do agree this is probably the tallest of them all and easily achieve 4 to 5 feet plants.

The green beans are a vivid lime green colour, slightly smaller than regular broad beans. What makes this bean one of our favourites is the delicate sweet taste and very thin outer membrane. When picked early you don’t need to remove the membrane around the seeds, you can cook and eat it membrane and all, it is that soft.


Broad beans are known by many names and grow in winter. The best nitrogen fix for your soil from any legume.


Approximately  25  seeds

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