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Chioggia Beet

Chioggia Beet

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A beet that doesn’t bleed!

A beet that doesn’t bleed ! Chioggia beet AKA candy stripe beet  with its white and purple rings will not bleed when cooked and  is a showstopper in your salads.

Chioggia beet is naturally sweeter than commercial varieties and can be used raw. Slice very thinly and toss into salads. Do not overcook or the striping might become less pronounced.

Leaves can be cooked like spinach. Most people agree that beetroot leaves makes for tastier and healthier spinach than normal spinach and other chard varieties. All the heirloom beets from Glen Seeds has thicker foliage than the commercial hybrids, giving better volume and texture when cooked as spinach.


Approximately 50 seeds

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