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Cassidy's Folly Tomato

Cassidy's Folly Tomato

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Cassidy’s folly tomato is another unusual creation we brought into South Africa from tomato guru Tom Wagner, the man that gave the world the Green Zebra Tomato. 

Plants of Cassidy’s Folly Tomato is medium sized, however produce heavily and early, staking is essential to get the best from the plant. Apart from the stunning colour the fruits have a unique shape. Small but not like a cherry tomato with a shape that is something between blocky and elongated plum, with a beak like blossom end.  Casdidy’s Folly tomato is just as happy in a container as it will be in the garden.

Note on growing Cassidy’s Folly Tomato: Many people reported its proneness to blossom end rot, therefore be generous  with adding a fast absorbing lime, bone meal and  Epsom salts to the soil and spray foliage regularly with an Epsom salts and calcium solution. Our section on growing tomatoes will give you more tips on understanding and preventing blossom end rot.


Approximately 25 Seeds

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