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Bambara Ground Nuts - Black

Bambara Ground Nuts - Black

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Known by many names Bambara Nuts is a West African native packed with nutrition. With 18% protein and various other nutrients such as Vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and carotene and a host of trace elements, bambara nuts is a much under utilised food source.

Bambara nuts can be eaten raw, roasted and salted or boiled when dry. In many parts of Africa dry nuts is ground to a flower from whch a number of different meals are made.  Bambara nuts is also known by the following names: Hog peanut, Congo goober, earth pea, ground bean.  Mix up the three different colours we grow at Glen Seeds for a very appealing presentation.

 As a member of the legume family bambara nuts are excellent soil improvers and prefer sandy low fertility soil. They can withstand drought and heat better than most crops. Bambara nuts is very closely related to peanuts and the nuts develop under the ground from flowers that bend down to the ground similar to peanuts. The Glen Seeds guide to growing peanuts can be applied for the growing bambara nuts. (click on the growing tips section under the information tab and scroll down to Growing Peanuts)

Approximately  25  seeds

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