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Mulch in our opinion is even more important than compost.


What is mulch?        

Mulch is a layer of any brown organic (or compostable) material that is placed on top of the soil. Mulch will eventually over time become compost in your soil.


Good sources of mulch:

  • Wood chips and or bark (not readily available in South Africa)
  • Compost heaps that went halfway
  • Horse bedding
  • Fallen Tree leaves
  • Weed free dead garden plants


What does mulch do:

The main benefits of mulch are:

  • Retains water in soil, as much as 50 percent less watering needed!
  • Protects the soil layer and improving conditions for microbial life to flourish that in turn keeps soil loose and more fertile. – So basically more fertile soil that requires less work!
  • Improves retention of nutrients and organic matter in soil.
  • Keeps weeds down
  • Improves the visual appeal of your garden.
  • Keeps carpets clean, no more muddy shoes!

How much mulch?

Work with what you have, a layer of up to 5 cm is really good but any is better than nothing.